"Expanding our client’s by helping bring business to them! It just makes sense."

A Division of Way of Life Ministries International

Our goal is to expand the kingdom of God by helping christian-based businesses, churches, and ministries get noticed. We do this by creating, designing, and implementing websites and more, for those of like-minded faith. We love to work within this specific niche because many need to hear the gospel, but how will they hear the gospel if we stay hidden or in the shadows?

DO YOU OWN A BUSINESS BUT THINK, "I can't afford a website?"


At XpandEM Consulting, we want YOU to succeed in your business ventures. Why, because the more we see new and local-owned businesses, the better the economy will be for the American people. Small and medium-sized businesses NEED TO GET NOTICED and are truly the backbone of the "American dream". YOU work hard to grow your business and we are sure of it! Let us help you find ways to HELP MARKET YOUR WORTH to those you are trying to reach most.
Set up your FREE CONSULTATION TODAY to see how we may be a fit for each other to Xpand YOUR business. You can only gain business out of this!


The Church (Body of Christ) needs to be a light to the world. That is what Jesus commissioned us to do. In today's world culture, we have to find creative ways to "fish" for souls. In other words, we have to draw them in. Signs, wonders, and miracles should be the focus. However, how will a lost and dying world know what is going on in your ministry or church if they don't even know you exist? That is where our division of Way of Life Ministries International known as XPandEM Consulting comes in! We provide high quality website design and builds, custom logo design and redesign, graphic designs for various applications, book needs (such as cover design, editing, formatting, and proof reading), and more. Together we can build the kingdom of Heaven, together we can reach the lost all by using these and more creative methods.

Some of what XpandEM does . . .

Website Design and Build

Just some of what we do to custom tailor websites the shine! 
  • Custom designed AND built around YOUR vision, by a team of ministers who know ministry
  • Fraction of the costs from traditional Web design/build companies
  • Attractive and quality sites, regardless of page counts needed
  • Many offerings and exceptional implementation to make your Church/Ministry stand out in ways that are unique to your brand
  • Full analysis and consultation in-person and/or webinar. We work closely so we make sure what we do helps you expand your vision and goals.


  • Brand New Logos to give you a brand
  • Logo Rebranding/Redesign for the fresh start your church/ministry may need
  • High Quality Graphics that can be used anywhere (print, web, social media, apparel, etc.)
  • Consultation for colors and idea branding that will help help your vision come alive in your logo


  • Book Cover Design
  • Graphic Art Design (for upcoming events, advertisements, and more)
  • Proof-reading and Editing
  • SEO Work (help your church, ministry, or Christian-based business stand out and be noticed)
  • Google Business Profile (setup and placement for search engines or revamp existing profile)
  • Social Media and Website Advertising
  • And more . . .

We will help you find a solution to help you Xpand and see God glorified as your church, ministry, and/or christian business grows. Set up a free consultation now!