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"They were all with one accord in one place. And suddenly . . . " Acts 2




Interested in hosting Rev. R. Elliott Merskin for a revival or church event in your area?

How can we have Rev. R. Elliott come to our church?
To request that Rev. R. Elliott come to your church, we require a head pastoral invitation. Please see the form below for all required information to be considered.

Will Rev. R. Elliott preach at our conference?
To request Rev. R. Elliott to be a part of your conference, please fill out the form below to be considered.

What services do churches typically book Rev. R. Elliott for?

Typically, Rev. R. Elliott will preach one week of Revival Meetings or no less than 3 nights. He will typically preach for one Sunday morning service, one Sunday evening service, and an evening service Monday- Friday. When you request to book him using the form below, you will be asked to provide at least 3 different weeks that could work for your schedule. You can view the WOLMI Calendar HERE to view any conflicting dates.
PLEASE NOTE: We require head pastoral invitation.