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Interested in hosting Rev. R. Elliott Merskin for a revival or church event in your area?


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PLEASE NOTE: We require head pastoral invitation. 

Past Fires of Revival Tour Events
Monument, CO - Fuel Church
Brighton, CO - Ignite Church International 
Denver, CO - New Song Church and Ministries 
Lakewood, CO - Way Congregation 
Dacono, CO - Breakthrough Ministries
Brighton, CO - Storehouse Ministries
Brighton,  CO - Ignite Church International
Aurora, CO - Palabra En Accion Church
Denver, CO - His Voice Ministries
Denver, CO - New Hope Ministries of Central Denver,
Cheyenne, WY - Gospel Bash

Interested in hosting Rev. R. Elliott Merskin for a revival or church event in your area?

How can we have Rev. R. Elliott come to our church?
To request that Rev. R. Elliott come to your church, we require a head pastoral invitation. Please see the form below for all required information to be considered.

Will Rev. R. Elliott preach at our conference?
To request Rev. R. Elliott to be a part of your conference, please fill out the form below to be considered.

What services do churches typically book Rev. R. Elliott for?

Typically, Rev. R. Elliott will preach one week of Revival Meetings or no less than 3 nights. He will typically preach for one Sunday morning service, one Sunday evening service, and an evening service Monday- Friday. When you request to book him using the form below, you will be asked to provide at least 3 different weeks that could work for your schedule. You can view the WOLMI Calendar HERE to view any conflicting dates.

Does it cost anything for Rev. R. Elliott to come for revival?
Rev. R. Elliott and his team pay their own expenses everywhere they go. They do not require any honorariums or fees to come minister. They are so passionate about the fire of God's Holy Spirit showing up they know people will be blessed by God's presence. Rev. R. Elliott instead takes time in the services to teach on biblical sowing and reaping so that others will have the key to financial breakthrough in these areas. He then gives opportunity for people to sow seed in every service, and whatever comes in helps take care of the teams travel needs and propel them on to what God is directing Rev. R. Elliott to next.  In fact, people are so blessed by these messages, they want to give. Many testimonies have come in from pastors and congregants of how God has blessed their giving and provided many miracles in money and that which money cannot buy because of learning and grabbing ahold of these principles.

Partnership with churches and believers
We are additionally looking for monthly partners and churches that recognize the call on our life and our willing to become partners with us financially as we go to fulfill this great commission. We work extra closely with those churches that monthly partner with us to help grow the vision of their church through us ministering in any way we normally do both in normal services as well as outside the church too. We will also keep churches regularly updated of the ministry endeavors and progress. We are all in this together as one body. To PARTNER WITH WOLMI and Rev. R. Elliott Merskin:

Seminar and web services info
Seminars on worship training, evangelism/outreach training, and web services are generally a fee-based division of Way of Life Ministries International. These offerings are only given to ministers, leaders, and churches as a means to help them expand their influence on the communities or areas they are believing to reach. They are time consuming and extensive but will produce results to help your church grow in its vision of the pastor, ministry, leader, and church and ultimately greatly impact the growth of the kingdom of God. Rev. R. Elliott will provide an initial consultation whether in person or on the phone/zoom style meeting and disclose any costs associated at that time. All costs associated within these services are to aide in the personal financial needs of Rev. R. Elliott Merskin and family, so that they can continue to utilize funds from preaching/ministering engagements solely for ministry and furthering the kingdom of God.
PLEASE NOTE: We require head pastoral invitation.