Mission & Vision

Unite, Demonstrate, Reach

The Mission

The mission of Way Of Life Ministries International at our core is to demonstrate the power of God that draws all people to Him and  to unite the body of Christ in this final hour.  All with one purpose in mind- to bring in souls to God's kingdom! To sum it up in three words: UNITE, DEMONSTRATE, REACH.

The Vision

The vision of Way Of Life Ministries International is create an atmosphere of unity in the body of Christ, through revival, that will lead to an outward demonstration of the power of God bringing an awakening to the lost. 

Where We Reach: Denver and surrounding areas, the state, the nation, and global
How We Do This: Ministries we form, revivals we host, raising up others in the body for ministry (conduits of revival), and through partnerships of other leaders and ministries around the world.
Why We Do This: God is a loving, powerful, and BIG God. When he created men (and women), He said, “It is good.” He made us for His pleasure. He loves us and wants us to draw close to Him, not only to have an eternal home with Him that he prepares for those that love Him, but also so that we may have and do all His word says we can have and do. In this final hour of the world as we know it, God wants to pour out His Holy Spirit on ALL who are hungry and thirsty. HE is going to use His people in this final hour to do amazing things through His anointing, performing the works Jesus did and “greater works” (John 14:12). All this with one purpose in mind, to draw people to Himself, securing an eternal home with him.

Here in WOLMI, we operate with that mindset from the beginning, under the full direction of the Holy Spirit, or we don’t operate.

Connect with us.

If you are interested in hosting Rev. R. Elliott Merskin for revival in your church or area, please fill out the info below.