Come and see the tangible presence of God move in your life!


3506 W Conejos Pl, Denver, CO  
Starts at 7PM

We are looking for you at The River at Denver Church!

There will be worship, the word, and whatever the Holy Spirit wants to do!
This is a church without limits. Come hungry and thirsty for more of God and ready to see the region of Denver, the mountains, and the entire state shaken by the power of God.
He will show up!
We are serious about seeing God completely MOVE in our city of Denver and the entire Colorado region. WE will do whatever it takes and we will not compromise in allowing the Holy Ghost to move in our meetings. Our desire is to have a building this year. BUT FIRST, WE NEED PEOPLE TO BE PART OF A MASSIVE MOVE! Will you consider being a part of the River at Denver Church family! You can connect with us below as well as find out more about the River at Denver and Pastor/Evangelist R. Elliott Merskin HERE.

We exist to direct humanity to the Way of Life! 
Come get in and get refreshed, refueled, and redefined

< < < UPCOMING > > >

These will be foundational classes that will not only help you grow in fellowship and spiritual walk with Christ, but also learn how to receive all God has for you in HIS PRESENCE.
Class will start EVERY SATURDAY starting July 1, 2023. The first round will be 3 WEEKS where we will cover the first 6 FOUNDATIONS OF FAITH. The following round will be for the next 6 FOUNDATIONS OF FAITH will start August 5, 2023 for three weeks!

The River at Denver Church will be combining services with the local Spanish Church, Fuente En Vision, for a weekend of FIRE. Come hungry and beleiving God will touch your life and you will never be the same again after these meetings. The meetings will start nightly July 21-23 at 7PM and Sunday the 23rd at 10AM.
Stand with us in prayer for lives to be touched and changed during this weekend and that we may even be able to extend these services, seeing this community shaken by the POWER of GOD!
Services will be held at the River at Denver Church 3506 W Conejos Place, DENVER.

Main Event Church Services

The address is 
3506 W Conejos Place
Denver, CO 80204

Come get Refreshed, Refueled, Redefined . . .


The Lord put it on my heart to be different from traditional churches. There will be things that you will be familiar with as you come into the River at Denver Church,
but there will be A Way Of Life that will be different from churches all over the region.

WE HAVE TO HAVE A MOVE AND 2023 IS THAT YEAR! These RDC services will be a time of refreshing, refueling, and redefining the way we do church. RDC is not a church to the lost only (though we will win souls). We will be a church to the church. The body of Christ as a whole needs to come back together! We need to move in power! We need to move in the word! And we need to move in the Holy Ghost!

These services are meant for YOU THAT SEE THE NEED and WANT TO BE PART OF A MOVE!
It doesn't matter if you are a pastor, a leader, attend another church, or brand new to Christ. WE ALL NEED COLORADO AND THE REGION ON FIRE for Jesus. We all need a refreshing, a refueling, and a redefining that will shake the region. Pastors, you can come get refreshed and equipped in greater God has for YOU and YOUR CHURCH! Leaders, you can get set ablaze in greater impartation of the Holy Spirit to bring this fire to your realm of influence! Church goers, there is nothing that another day of plugging into God's presence God can't do. Perhaps you need more than what you are receiving where you currently are, but feel "called" to help that church grow! Well then come, bring more to them and truly help you pastor fulfill his heavenly mandate. For those who have no church or are new to Christ, come! Experience the touch of God's presence in your life, like maybe you never have before. WE NEED YOU! Laborers of change in this region! We need people to get in with the vision God gave us and become co-laborers.

No matter where you are in your walk with Christ, RDC is a river for you to come drink! The point is, we are ALL ONE BODY and should be more of that to truly support each other and take on the task of seeing people come to Jesus, now more than ever!

If you are new to the River at Denver Church, here's what to expect:
A powerful time of worship, teaching, preaching, and demonstrations of the Holy Spirit moving in the lives of all who hunger and thirst. We are a Holy Spirit-filled and led church. This means in every service, we allow God to move from start to finish. We are here to celebrate Jesus and let him meet the needs of His people. He knows what you need and will always meet the needs of the hungry and thirsty. This is his church not ours. We also take communion every time we are together. This is a great way to remember all Jesus did for us and live a life complete in him. There is much more available that we ask and believe God to do in our services. You will just have to come hungry, and expecting to see what God will do in you! We look forward to seeing you this weekend.

Blessings, Ps. R. Elliott Merskin

ALSO, feel free to join us for these services and our live daily broadcasts from the WOLMI studio!
You can keep an eye on our social media Facebook page @RiverDenver for to stay up to date or SUBSCRIBE here for our email updates.
If you and your family are looking for a good place that is full gospel, spirit-filled, and allows the Holy Spirit to move in every service, then we would love to connect with you all. We are truly aiming to bring revival everywhere we go where the presence of God will touch the lives of all who hunger and thirst after him.


"Morning Fire"
8AM Denver Time
FaceBook LIVE:  @WOLMINTL and @RiverDenver and @RElliott&RebeccaMerskin
YouTube: @ LivingAWOL - WOLMI Official
Twitter: @WOLMINTL


NEXT OUTREACH - July 15 at 9:30 AM
Winning the lost at any cost. Evangelism training and outreach. IF you are hungry for God to touch your loved ones, the community, the city, and beyond the four walls of the Church, join us!
We love going out to do "Soul Winning" and see the greatest miracle of many giving their lives to Jesus!
You can find out more and/or volunteer to join us for our next outreach by clicking here: SOUL WINNING and fill out the information (training provided).
You can also get a head start and learn how to lead someone to Jesus by watching our EVANGELISM TRAINING here! (materials provided).


Wells of the River
Join Ps. R. Elliott and Rebecca Merskin for this time of worship, the word, and pressing in through effectual prayer in a good old fashion "House Church" setting! Growing more and more proficient for the tasks at hand.
Soon, we will be looking for those who are interested in hosting or being a "well" in your community. If you are interested in growing in the leadership of RDC, please fill out the info and type a message with your interests below.



If you are interested in being part of our LAUNCH TEAM NEEDED and build a church with a difference, fill out the form below to get started.

We will contact you with updates and let you know how you can be a part! You can also see what areas we are looking for those to plug in with us HERE.