FOR 2/22/2023 7PM


SOWING AND REAPING GOD'S WAY - Laws that win every time!

February 22-24 LIVE at 7PM MST (Denver Time)

God delights in the PROSPERITY OF HIS PEOPLE!
The laws of God, concerning financial prosperity, are greatly missing in the body of Christ. GOD WANTS YOU BLESSED. These three nights will help you not only understand what it is to give unto the Lord BUT you will learn to be on the receiving end of the blessing!

Are you ready to live a life in financial blessing and abundance?

Join Rev. R. Elliott Merskin as he dives into these PROVEN principles of God's word, shares testimonies, and helps you live this life God has prepared for HIS people in abundance.
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Morning Fire : Every Monday-Friday at 8AM MST
Wake up and start your day on FIRE for Jesus with powerful preaching, teaching, and demonstration of God's power from Rev. R. Elliott Merskin that will keep fanning the flame of God's Holy Spirit in your life, giving you the best God has for you each day!

Praise, Prayer, Power : Spontaneous Schedule - Keep an eye of social!
There is POWER in agreement. This broadcast starts off with prasie and worship LIVE from the WOLMI studio, then agreement in prayer requests and needs of anyone joining, as we allow the power of God's word and Holy Spirit to bring answers to your prayers. Make sure you comment your prayer requests at the time we are live or email prayer@wolmintl.com to get your request we can stand with you on during the broadcast.
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