"But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be my witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth". - Acts 1:8

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Friends and partners of Reverends R. Elliott and Rebecca Merskin at WOLMI (Way of Life Ministries International):

In addition to regular giving, our desire is to grow to 100 partners, that are willing to do $100 or more per month. Below are various needs in the ministry and expenses involved. If you are able to meet the full need or help in any way towards these needs, it is tremendously appreciated!

Your generosity and support goes toward the following. Our current monthly needs to sustain the ministry are at $10,000 per month with goals for increase as we go along.  
(all proceeds are tax-deductible)

NEED: Television/Live-Stream Simulcasting- Currently we reach the air waves through YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and TAKEN Network. These broadcasts are LIVE 5 days a week which create a minimum and cost an average of $600/month to run. We reach up to an average of 8-10,000 people through TAKEN network and are praying to see increase in social media platforms as more people continue to share the Word as they are blessed by the Holy Spirit through these messages.
VISION: To stir up the gift of faith and fan the flame of revival in every viewer. Everyone, everywhere as a part of Christ's body, should consistently stir up the gifts of God in their lives outside of Sunday. It is a daily thing! These broadcasts are meant to do just that through the powerful teachings, preachings, and demonstrations of the Holy Ghost via the airwaves. We desire to have our own paid building, studio, and network to spread the word of God with not just our content but also the content of other ministers from across the globe. In the near future we are also looking to have WOLMI NET established as another division of the ministry.

NEED: Outreach Materials/Giveaways  
Operation 5280- Reaching the lost and going for a minimum 5,280 souls to the Kingdom of Heaven per year. (UPDATE on SOUL COUNT as of September 2022: 14,500)
This includes street ministry, rescue missions, homeless, jails, and street meetings, and more. Many don't realize there is a cost associated with going to do just one outreach. Plus, because these are ministries to the lost, we don't collect offerings at these events. Average cost PER outreach is $350-3000.00 (depending on donations, food, flyering, etc for giveaways)
VISION: Mark 16:15 says we ought to go to tell others about Jesus and demonstrate who He is to ALL who are hungry and thirsty for righteousness. Going to the streets, the homeless, the prisoners, and those in need is part of that commission. I see a mighty move of God reaching multitudes of lost through outreach, beyond the church.

NEED: Open Air Crusades (Tent Meetings)-the goal is 4 crusades per year in the Denver and surrounding mountain regions, plus one big one per year. We are also prepared to take crusades to the nations as well.  Average cost per event is $8,000-10,000 for a smaller crusade and $25,000 for the larger events.
VISION: Larger scale reach of the masses. These events will be full of festivities and give-a-ways that will invite the lost, compel them to come, and then follow up with worship and the Gospel message. We will work with local churches for volunteers and a place for those new converts to have a church home to attend. We believe in these opportunities to see God move in greater works as Jesus told us to operate (John 14:12). He never disappoints.

NEED: Church Revivals AKA "Fires of Revival Tour"- The Lord instructed me to start WildFires all over, starting with 21 Cities! These strategic cities will completely encompass the entire Denver regions. Out of these, we will see revivals breakout like "wildfire" nationally and globally. The body of Christ needs to be united now more than ever to see God's power in demonstration that will draw all people to Him. These revival services will be powerful times of teaching, preaching, and demonstration of the Holy Ghost. We flow with and fully depend on the Holy Ghost to reach all who hunger and thirst after righteousness and revival in our nation. WOLMI would cover all costs of these events and rely on the support of partners and love offerings that come as a result. Average revival cost is $3000-7500.00.
VISION: Though I have been serving the Lord for almost 40 years now and ministering for 35+ of it in different capacities. The Lord called out to me at the start of this ministry and showed me a WildFire of His Holy Spirit that catapulted revival in our region of Denver, the surrounding towns and cities, the mountain regions, the entire state, and surrounding areas. Additionally, the Lord revealed to me that this was going to be a simultaneous revival or "awakening" that was going to happen all around the globe! Our job, commission from God, is to wake up the body of Christ, get them ready for this event, and drive unity into the body of Christ so we can be fully equipped and mobilized to see the greatest harvest of souls come to the Kingdom of Heaven. The Lord was very straight-forward when he declared, "I am going to touch the hungry and the thirsty FIRST, and it is they who would be used in great power to see this happen. I will over look the religious, and go right to those who want it!" So, off we have gone and will continue to do as God has said in many ways. You can see how I work with churches for this  here: MINISTRY TO THE CHURCH. He always follows His Word with wonderful signs, wonders, and miracles at these events.

TOTAL SOUL GOAL: 100,000 within 5 years and 10 million before Christ returns! The need is for those willing to invest in the harvest of souls. Partnership greatly helps with that. Please consider partnering with us.

NEED: WOLMI Headquarters. We need a place to call home for WOLMI and want to be right in the center of the action of Denver or not too far from it. We have found a place and find the average cost to be $4000/month as a lease and we have option to buy. However, we are believing God for divine opportunities to see what He will do to help us get the place. We have even located 35 acres with three buildings for sale at around totaling estimated $10M to get everything we envision underway and paid in full.
VISION: Larger scale: 3 properties covering 35 acres of land. One for housing, one for offices and staff, and one for our unity ministers retreat. Additionally, to have a place we can set up a studio for broadcasting, team-meetings, and a large enough venue to host our own events as well as house the River at Denver Church. This would allow the ability to run day-to-day ministry operations, collaborate, host outreach training, and plan meetings and more. This property for the headquarters is over 49,000sq ft of property with 6 buildings that can be used for many things from conferences, banquets, bible school, housing and training facilities, regular church services, network for broadcasting, and more!

NEED: Quarterly Conferences. Every quarter, our core team travels to our home church in Tampa, FL. the River at Tampa Bay Church for a time of refreshing, recharge, and fresh direction through the leadership of our Pastor, Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. These are costed at the expense of WOLMI to show up and are also a requirement of our ministerial credentials. Average cost per quarter is $5100 total for our core leadership to attend, totaling $20,400 annually.

We truly appreciate your generosity and part you play in helping us grow the Kingdom of Heaven with WOLMI.


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Thank you for those helping us spread the gospel.