Will your church be shaken? The time is now . . .

Are you interested in hosting Rev. R. Elliott for the Everything Shaken Revival Tour in your church?  

Everything that can be shaken!

The Lord spoke to me in January 2019 in a vision of wildfire revivals breaking out. The vision was 21 points all surrounding Denver, with the great city being a center dot. As I saw this vision, I drew it out. I then connected the dots to form what looked like a wheel or pinwheel. The Lord said to me that the 21 points were 21 cities that he wanted me to hold revivals in. Then again in 2020, one year later, in January, the Lord spoke to me again, "It is time for you to go to the 21 cities". I said, "Yes Lord, I will go, but what cities do you want me to go to? Show me and I will do it". At that moment, I opened my phone to the maps and exactly 21 cities were dotted and showing. I then zoomed out the map and again, 21 cities. God then gave me this blueprint and told me this is what I am to do the remainder of 2020. "For I am doing a work to bring the wildfire of revival throughout all of Colorado and beyond". Two months later in the first week of March, I was hosting a week of revival meetings in Aurora. The Lord, at the time in February as we made the video, spoke to me and said to put the words, "Beginning in May, 2020" at the end. I later asked the Lord, "Are you sure? We are having a great revival now in Aurora". He said, "No, May." He then said, "For I am shaking everything that can be shaken, until only that which is unshakable remains" as he had me turn to Hebrews 12:26-27. Each night I would show the video promo of whats to come. Unbeknownst to us, COVID-19 hit in March and April. This changed life as we know it, putting most everything to a global halt. It is interesting that the Lord pointed everything to May, just prior to this and May is the time things are opening back up again. Now, we are gearing up as everything shaken revival meetings have begun . . .