This morning I woke up with just such a heart of thanksgiving. Not because it is the holiday and a time where we remember what happened to bring America into existence, but because God has done and continues to do so much! Abundance like we have never seen is upon us as his believers. He is a great and mighty King, Jesus! So worthy of all and it is an honor to serve HIM! NEXT WEEK ON BROADCAST we will be continuing more on these lines I am sharing with you all below, but I want to ENCOURAGE YOUR FAITH NOW that you may receive what the Lord has to say.

Of recent the Lord has shown me new levels of righteousness that he so wants to bring his people to. Notice, I said "his" people. The fact is, many call themselves "his," but do they truly live as what he considers "his." Remember the road to heaven is very narrow and the Bible says few will find it (Matthew 7:14). So perhaps many that go to church today may have the thought of heaven as their eternity, but aren't really ready. BUT THE GOOD NEWS IS: GOD IS GETTING HIS PEOPLE READY!

The Lord woke me several times this past Saturday evening saying the same words over and over again, "New levels of righteousness." I asked the Lord what he was trying to show me. He said he is bringing his people to new levels of righteousness as he is preparing to come for his bride. Yet, there is still much to do here that God wants us to have everything we need to see the fulfillment of His plans before Jesus returns.

The Lord then reminded me of 1 Corinthians 2, really the entire chapter. But more specifically verse 5:

"That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God." (KJV)

The Holy Spirit wants to invade your spirit with the knowledge of the supernatural kind, demonstration of God's power in your life. This cannot be obtained from mere head knowledge or wisdom. No amount of Bible reading or memorization can amount to anything. It has to be revelation of the Holy Spirit and power that is available to us. The SAME SPIRIT THAT RAISED CHRIST FROM DEATH is available to YOU. If you truly understand that, then you will understand, sickness, disease, poverty, lack, bondage, or anything else contrary to the word of God, has been ISSUED A RESTRAINING ORDER from your life. Nothing can come even close to you and if it tries, it is immediately removed from your premises! Oh Hallelujah! How wonderful to know! How glorious or God, our King!

I said all of that to say this. The Lord is saying, "GET READY!" Get your heart and your character ready to receive abundance of his power and abundance of his wealth and provision in your life! What you are facing now, you are about to overcome as you heed this message. This morning the Lord reminded me of Deuteronomy 8 (read the entire chapter). God brings us through all sorts of issues, trials, and hard things that he may prove our obedience and character toward him. When we pass the character and obedience in these things, then God promises to bless us because of what he promised Abraham. How many of you know these two truths: God grafted us into the promises of Abraham when Jesus did what he did on the cross for us and we accepted that. Secondly, God cannot go back on his promises.

So the very two things I want to leave you with today are: 1. Build your character and obedience now so that you may obtain ALL GOD HAS FOR YOU in these days ahead. 2. REMEMBER IT WAS HE WHO GAVE you these blessings. Many have been blessed and then disappear, never to step into church or pray to God again. Don't be that person! Remember, the Lord gives you the power to get wealth and he took you out of the situations you were/are in. Therefore, we are commanded to remember him, lest we be destroyed (see Deut. 8:18-20).

WE ARE EXCITED about all God has in store for us and especially excited for all God has for you. Just remember, a thankful heart remembers God!


We love you and bless you in the mighty name of Jesus,

Rev. R. Elliott and Rebecca Merskin

Photo Credit: Alexas_Fotos on Unsplash - Thank You, Alexas!


Elliott - November 23rd, 2022 at 12:22pm

What a great reminder that not only will God bring us out of current situations, but that HE will never fail! I am so thankful to my heavenly Father for all he does.

Rev. R. Elliott Merskin - November 23rd, 2022 at 12:25pm

Amen! God is so faithful and we remember HIM!

Ann - November 24th, 2022 at 6:41am

Elliot, I needed this so bad in my life. I'm tired of satan oppressing me in so many different ways. Today I TAKE A STAND and I say NO MORE.

I will make sure my alter if integrity is wiped down and shiney clean because I WANT ALL THAT GOD HAS FOR ME!