What Are Your Plans?

Of recent, one of the things God has been doing in our ministry is defining the guidance of the Holy Spirit as we run this race. Becky and I recently returned from an amazing week at Winter Camp Meeting at the River Church in Tampa, Florida. We drove over 30 hours one way, twice! You know you are hungry for the things of God when you drive that far to grow and learn with other people who are hungry for the things of God in their lives. The Bible tells us, “ . . . fan into a flame and rekindle the fire of the spiritual gift God imparted to you when I laid my hands upon you.” 2 Tim 1:6. This is the very reason we attend these quarterly meetings with RMI. Of course, my personal relationship and time with the Lord and the presence of the Holy Spirit attains this. However, there is something about being in the very atmosphere of it all. Joining with others that are likewise hungry and thirsty for the best the Holy Spirit has for us keeps the flame burning brightly! The time is NOW that we as the body of Christ need to be as white-hot for God as possible! The times are screaming out that everything is about to change. God has a plan that will not fail and we need to be ready. “He that has ears to hear” is a constant refrain in the Bible. So I would encourage you to keep your ears listening and fan the flame regularly!
We will run with the fire of God and see a wildfire of the Spirit set over Denver, Colorado, the surrounding regions, the country, and beyond. Our tasks are not small. Our heavenly assignment is not something to pass by and we are determined to run this race to its completion. However, we cannot and will not do it without the Fire and Power of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, we gain everything we can from God’s Holy Spirit to empower us as we go. We have seen some great things begin in healings, salvations, and divine appointments directed by the Holy Spirit. But, the best is yet to come as we press on.
There was something significant that happen to me during this camp meeting, which has been manifesting in amazing ways. It all started with the drive home. As we began the journey home, I wanted an afternoon coffee. Gas stations are typically full of overheated, day-old coffee that taste more like burnt dirt than actual coffee. Well, (those in Georgia and North Florida will appreciate this) RaceTrac gas stations recently started offering these amazing coffee bars where you can enjoy freshly ground coffee. I mean fresh! You go to the machine, choose the coffee and size, and then watch as the machine grinds the beans and pours it fresh into your mug, pressed with a slight froth on top. So good! Additionally, they have real creamers and even whipped cream for topping. Over the top for a gas station! Let me tell you, way better than Starbucks and only a dollar.
So, on the way to Tampa, I was able to enjoy this coffee both in Georgia and the next day in Florida. On the way back to Colorado, 12 days later, I had the desire to stop at a RaceTrac for one last coffee before heading out of Georgia. Well, for me, I love driving long distances to pray and spend time with the Lord, as the family sleeps. While in the midst of driving through downtown Atlanta nearing rush hour, I did not want to stop, and so decided to wait until after leaving Atlanta. As I was driving out of Atlanta, still in the midst of heavy traffic, I simply thought, “I would love one more coffee at RaceTrac, but I’m not sure where the next one is and don’t want to stop during this traffic.” Immediately, I felt a drop in my spirit by the Holy Ghost. “There is a RaceTrac you can stop at 10 miles down the road.” Honestly, kind of shocked I figured, “Let’s see what happens.” As I drove out of Atlanta, traffic was still a little heavy but dwindling at about 3 miles out. I noticed a RaceTrac sign and thought, “Maybe I could stop here.” Then immediately said, “No! I want to test this. I know I hear from the Holy Spirit and I need be assured that in everything He is calling us to, I AM LED BY HIS SPIRIT!”
So I then prayed, “Father, I know this is a small thing, but a great learning experience in trust. I will drive on, and if there is not a RaceTrac right at the 10 mile mark, I will understand I need to learn and grow in this. If there is, I will rejoice that I am truly hearing from you in these new ways.” Just as I reached the 9 mile mark on my odometer, I saw the famous sign with the gas symbol on the emptying highway, “RaceTrace, one mile ahead” right on it! HA! I was filled with joy as my wife awoke and I explained to her what had happened. No, this wasn’t me asking God what I should drink, or wear, or even eat for dinner. This was simply God demonstrating His care for me and what I like and leading me to find it. He does the same for all His children. “Make God the utmost delight and pleasure in your life, and he will provide for you what you desire the most.” Psalm 37:4, TPT. For me, I really wanted a coffee as I drove, but not just any coffee. And since I delight in God, He was just doing what He does. For you, that could be multiple things in life (debt cancellation, provision, healing, property, vehicles, etc.). Delight in Him and He will give you the desires of your heart!

As we drove back, it was like the Holy Spirit began to download me with the blueprints for this year in the ministry. And I must say, things have not stopped coming. Nearing the end of 2018, I felt the Lord say, “I didn’t call you to be a normal church.” This was in light of trying to run weekly services at a Holiday Inn for nearly four months with little results and finances. God was still gracious to us during this learning experience. We knew God called us full-time, but needed clarity on the path. Well, that is what happened during our drive back from Tampa. Things just poured in and I had Becky write them down as we drove over the next two days.
Upon implementation of these things, God is opening doors and we are seeing movement in an easy, peaceful way. As with anything, it takes patience, trust, and and most importantly, a yielding to the Holy Ghost to be led by Him. When we do that, we can’t go wrong. “For all who are led by the Spirit of God are the sons of God”. Romans 8:14 AMPC. So, February of 2019 has begun such a great change for this ministry as directed by the Holy Ghost.
One of the new things we are doing is working with the Denver Rescue Mission. They are a great organization geared to helping the homeless and needy, providing food, shelter, and even help with transitional housing. We are partnering with them in several ways, including the implementation of “Houses of Joy” (discipleship groups), we will begin soon to mentor, disciple, and get people on fire for God and filled with the power of God’s Holy Spirit. Jesus didn’t come to those who were well, but to the sick (Mark 2:17). Jesus is our ultimate example and who we follow after as Christians. Another facet of the Denver Rescue Mission is for various ministers and churches to volunteer to host chapel services for the needy seven days a week and twice on Sunday. After the services, they rescue mission feeds and shelters the homeless. We get to be part of this! Before we were allowed to preach, the director of the chapel services asked me to come observe one of the chapels to see if it is something we still wanted to do. So, I chose a Sunday morning to visit, as directed by the Holy Spirit. On the drive there that Sunday morning, the Holy Spirit spoke to me just like the day I wanted the RaceTrac coffee. He said, “You are going to preach today.” The minister that is supposed to be there today will not show up.” Immediately, several scriptures dropped in my spirit and I knew exactly what to speak on. I love the Holy Spirit!
As I arrived at the Chapel, I entered and set my things down. I then proceeded to walk towards a gentleman, who was the coordinator for the shelter program. He asked, “Are you the minister scheduled to preach today?” I explained to him that I was just a visiting minister here to observe. He then said, “Wow! I just want to tell you, when you came in, I could see Jesus in you and the presence of the Holy Spirit on you. I just want you to know that you have IT!” Sometimes it is a great encouragement when working hard for the Kingdom that someone says they can tell you have been with Jesus. It reminded me of the scripture, “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” Matthew 5:16 KJV. He then proceeded to say, “I am not sure where the minister is today. He has not shown up yet and I have been looking for him.” I said, “Well, I am here if you need me. Anything to help spread the Word of God today.”
Six minutes past time to start a 50 minute chapel service, the coordinator’s helper spoke to me and said, “Well, the minister is still not here and we should have started already. So, if it’s okay, I will go up and pray and introduce you as the Pastor for today.” I agreed and went to my seat for my Bible. The Holy Spirit, as John 16:13 says, “ . . . will reveal prophetically to you what is to come.” It just so happened, that what the Holy Spirit prophesied to me fulfilled in a matter of an hour. I went up, directed by the Holy Spirit, preached, the fire of God showed up, 15 people gave their lives to Jesus, healings took place, people fell out under the power of the Holy Spirit, and I believe lives were changed! All glory to God and his amazing work of the Holy Spirit!
I made a determination when starting this ministry, “I will make Jesus famous!” He will be known, as He was in the days of His earthly ministry and for what He continues to do now! He is alive! He lives forever! He does great things AND He commissioned us to do the same. “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto the Father.” John 14:12 KJV. The Lord revealed this to me in a vision at age 18, without ever reading this scripture. The time is at hand for us as BELIEVERS to start doing the works of Jesus in greater ways. We should all strive to make Jesus famous. But it is going to take POWER. Acts 1:8 declares, “But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost has come upon you: and ye shall be my witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.” KJV. We ought to strive for this power of the Holy Spirit to continually burn in and through us regularly, so we can DO the works of Jesus, the Christ, the Name above all names! Hallelujah!
I do not boast nor claim to have “arrived.” However, of one thing I am certain. Paul in Acts 9, the Bible says, “ . . . became more and more proficient in proving that Jesus was the anointed Messiah.” TPT. I, too, am growing in proficiency with one aim, to PROVE JESUS is the Messiah. To demonstrate the power of God, being used by the fire of the Holy Ghost as a vessel. Why? To draw all men unto Jesus. So my challenge to you is, what are your plans? Get on fire for Jesus! Make a determination that, come what may, YOU WILL SUCCEED in making Jesus famous till all the world has heard. I understand not all are called, but for those that are, GO! Too those that aren’t, SOW! Exodus shows a perfect example of those that are meant to work in the ministry and those that are to sow towards the ministry in chapter 36:1-7. Read it. Either way, when we all work our part, God does HIS and no one lacks. Do whatever the Lord would have you to do. If it is to work, get along side a ministry until you have your own. If it is to sow, place your seed in the ground and help us reach and do what God is calling us to, and watch what God does!
Blessings to you all in the mighty name of Jesus Christ our Lord. May you be prosperous in spirit, health, finance, and all things pertaining to life and godliness.
Rev. Elliott Merskin

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